How to Use Instagram Storytelling for Live Events

The phrase “A picture tells a thousand words” is especially true when it comes to live events. As a meeting planner you could tell someone all day long about how great your latest conference was, but it’s never quite the same as being there. A picture or movie is the closest you can get to the action without jumping on a plane to attend.

So, if you want to entice others to be at your next conference, you have to “show, not tell”. And the trick to effective storytelling is how to capture the essence with a single image.

Here are some tips on how to take your event to the next level with images:

  • Capture different points of view – Everyone experiences an event in a different way. If you’re the meeting planner you’re knee deep in trying to make sure everything goes as planned and that everyone is happy. It’s hard to step back and become an observer when you’re in the thick of things. That’s where your audience can help. They are seeing the event from a totally different point of view. Instagram makes it easy for anyone to be a professional. Since you want as much help as possible promoting the event, attendees can capture the fun they are having and easily share it through their own networks, since Instagram automatically syncs with social media.
  • Extend the life of your event – Long after the event is over, you can still relive it with physical Instagram products. Companies like Stickygram will turn your Instagram pictures into cool little refrigerator magnets. Or Instamaker can turn them into coffee mugs, tee shirts, and other useful promotional products. Keepsy turns your pictures into a keepsake book or photo album, so that your event will live on and serve as a reminder to others of what they missed.
  • Compliments your written text – In our short attention span age, we have an enormous amount of information coming at us constantly. And with more people being saddled with more work, we want our content in quick and easily digestible ways. One way to do that is with minimal text and emotionally powerful images. Ernest Hemmingway once won a bet by saying that he could tell a complete story with only six words. “For sale, baby shoes, never worn”. Those words are powerful enough, but if you also have a picture next to them, it really hits home.

Virtual events can never take the place of the experience of a live event. Make your live events more memorable with Instagram storytelling and watch your attendance soar.

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