Speaker Sponsorship Seminar Launches in San Diego

If you’re a professional speaker you have probably noticed by now that the speaking industry is changing. As more and more budgets are being cut, professional speakers are being asked to speak for free at conferences and events. This puts a strain on professional speakers who have been used to getting paid for their hard work and talent.

But, just like any other business model that has been disrupted in this economy, there is a way around the dilemma and that is through sponsorship.

Large corporations have been using sponsorship for a while now, but small business sponsorship is still in it’s infancy. It’s literally an untapped goldmine for the speaker who wants to make a living from speaking without having to pitch their products from the stage.

And that is the basis of the Speaker Sponsorship 101 seminar being held in San Diego Oct. 26th. The goal is to actually create jobs for speakers and to make sure they get paid what they’re worth.

The San Diego event marks the launch of a cross-country tour which is produced by Speaker Sponsor and the San Diego Speaker’s Guild. It’s a half day seminar on how speakers can literally create their own paid speaking careers on a consistent basis. Just one tip in this class, which, when used will more than pay for itself. There is no other sponsorship seminar like it because the information came from actual tried and tested methods that have been used to create sponsorship portfolios for the speakers who use the methods.

So, if you’re a professional speaker who is tired of speaking for free and tired of having to sell yourself from the stage, join us in San Diego on Oct. 26th at Marina Village. Registration starts at 11:30 and the event ends at 4:00.

There is also a panel discussion entitled “How to Get More Speaking Engagements” led by industry insiders like Jan Jones of the Jan Jones Speaker’s Guild. Jan has worked with an impressive roster of clients, including Sr. Richard Branson, Steven Covey, and Donald Trump, Jr. and we’re thrilled to have her on board.



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