Guest Speaker – Brian Smith, Founder of Ugg Boots

The Speaker Sponsorship 101 event in San Diego is thrilled to have Brian Smith, founder of Ugg Boots as our guest speaker. We couldn’t have picked a better speaker to launch the Speaker Sponsorship Seminar than Brian. He has truly been on both sides of the sponsorship aisle, both as a small business owner and a speaker, and exemplifies exactly what we’re trying to accomplish with Speaker Sponsor, making connections between the small business and public speaking community.

As our guest speaker, Brian will be telling stories of his own rise to fame with the Ugg brand and how he used sponsorship as a small business owner to reach his target audience. It was that target audience that helped propel the Ugg brand to international success.

Now as a speaker himself, Brian sees the need for sponsorship in a totally different light. As a brand owner he will give us some secrets from the small business owner’s point of view on how speakers can partner with them to create a win-win for everyone.

Small businesses have to compete, not only with other small businesses, but with large corporations who have millions of dollars to advertise their brands. The one secret weapon a small business has is creative sponsorship. It’s one way speakers can create their own jobs and help small businesses compete in today’s marketplace.

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